This is NET PLASTIK SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. from Turkey

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Net Plastic · thermoplastic coating materials manufacturer. · Was established with 100% Turkish capital in 1992. · Construction, decoration, hardware, and has identified the automotive sector, the main fields of activity. · 3,750,000m2 / year finished; 10,000,000m2 / year has semi-finished production capacity. · Ektstrüzyo use and calendering technologies. · Specializes in PVC floor coverings. · TPE, TPU, TPO, EVA, ABS, has knowledge and experience in calendered PVC-based products. · Visual and Products oversees the dimensional diversity. · accepts the basis for the current national and international norms of manufacturing processes and products. · beyond the Standard can design and produce customized products for customers. · back specializes in conversion; · 100% produces recycled products. · 3200 ton / year (micronized thermoplastic) has a recycling capacity.

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Turkey (Istanbul) 2020


Turkey (Istanbul) 2020 10 - C24


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Bahçeşehir 1. Kisim Mah. Akleylek Sok. Akasya 16 Sit. 1606A Apt. No:11

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