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With more than 165000 vehicle systems sold worldwide knowhow and experience ensure our customers to have the latest technology combined with proven reliability. The current solutions are being used worldwide as integrated solutions at the OEM production lines as well as retrofit installations at the end user.
Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection supplies Fire detection and Suppression systems for:
• buses and coaches
• mining and construction equipment
• forestry and waste handling equipment
• material and cargo handling (ports included)
• agricultural equipment

A tested and certified Vehicle Fire Suppression System in combination with a reliable fire detection system is the best first line of response in case of an emergency such as at a thermal incident. Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection’s fire suppression systems are thoroughly tested for fire performance ability and environmental durability such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes according to international vehicle standards to ensure the highest performance. Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection’s fire suppression systems are approved as a component with regard to UNECE Regulation No. 107 and P-marked in accordance with SPCR 183.

A low total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important key factor for every bus operator. Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection’s fire suppression systems, with its superior low maintenance frequency and reliability, contributes to increased profitability through less downtime for the operator.

The basis of Dafo Vehicle’s system is the suppression agent Forrex which is specially developed to suppress fires in combustible engines. Forrex is highly effective on flammable liquid fires like petrol, diesel and hydraulic oils. The system combines the features of liquid and dry chemical, includes unique and patented solutions and offers outstanding flame knockdown and unique protection against re-ignition as it will cool down the overheated engine parts in case of a thermal event.

Dafo Vehicle’s system includes a pressureless cylinder which minimizes the risk of injury as well as potential leakages that normally comes with pressure vessels.

Currently there is no comprehensive solution for fire mitigation available on the market for electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV). However, Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has developed a full coverage interim multi-zone fire protection solution in response to the urgent need. The suppression agent Forrex is used as one part of the complex system solution and it provides effective cooling capacity to slow the fire development for allowing safe evacuation of passengers.

Благодаря более чем 165 000 автомобильных систем, проданных по всему миру, наши ноу-хау и опыт гарантируют нашим клиентам новейшие технологии в сочетании с проверенной надежностью.
Основой системы автомобиля Dafo является агент подавления Forrex, который специально разработан для подавления пожаров в двигателях внутреннего сгорания. Система сочетает в себе свойства жидкого и сухого химического вещества, включает в себя уникальные и индивидуальные решения, а также предлагает превосходное подавление пламени и уникальную защиту от повторного воспламенения за счет охлаждения перегретых деталей двигателя в случае теплового события.

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