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At Forman, we are the leading specialists in reliable fire suppression and safety solutions for the bus and coach market. With over 30 years of experience working alongside manufacturers, operators and key transport authorities, we offer tailored solutions to each safety and security challenge.

UNECE R107 Approved Fire Suppression Systems

The Forman UNECE R107 certified fire suppression systems provide reliable protection to engine compartments in buses and coaches. The use of dry powder extinguishing agent means the system can be safely used in diesel, electric and hybrid and hydrogen vehicles alike.

• Reliable linear heat detection cable for rapid fire detection
• Dry chemical extinguishing agent that knocks down the fire in seconds
• Fully integrated with the Forman Vehicle Multi Message System (VMMS) unit
• High temperature pre-warning driver alert
• System deployment driver alert
• Smoke detector as standard on double deck vehicles with ‘smoke detected’ driver alert

The Forman fire suppression system can be easily and safely installed and serviced without the risk posed by other very high-pressure systems.

V-Series of Auto-Electrical Safety and Security Solutions

Our range of electronic systems is designed to enhance the safety and security of buses and coaches. The V-Series systems are the result of our close collaboration with transport authorities and operators in the UK to create tailored solutions to their specific safety needs.

Some of our V-Series solutions include:

• VMMS Vehicle Multi Message System
• V-AVAS Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System
• VILS AFIL Induction Loop System
• LED Monitoring Devices
• Automatic Light Control Systems
• Engine Shutdown Systems

The majority of our V-Series products can be interconnected to provide an integral control and information system, enabling fleet operators to ensure that vehicles operate in the most efficient manner. Vehicle downtime can be significantly reduced by detecting faults or events before they can develop further, ensuring that the fleet spends more time on the road.

Visit us in Hall 1 Stand 117 to discuss how we can help you with your fire suppression and safety challenges.

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