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MAGELEC Propulsion manufactures complete electric powertrain solutions, consisting of PM-Axial Flux motor/generator units, IGBT and MOSFET based motor controllers and transmissions for FWD, RWD, and AWD systems. MAGELEC provides complete powertrain to Electric Bus and Truck, Off-Highway application, electric automotive programs, Formula E teams, electric sportscar racing, electric superbike racing and production models, and more.

Headquartered in Shanghai PRC, MAGELEC Propulsion operates engineering research and development facilities in Shanghai Jiading, London England, Bologna Italy and operates additional sales and application engineering offices in Hong Kong, Indianapolis Indiana and Houston Texas.

上海磁雷革传动系统有限公司是电机驱动系统提供商,为新能源汽车客户提供轴向磁场永磁同步电机、基于IGBT和SiC MOSFET的电机控制器和高速齿轮箱。产品应用于:
• 电动赛车,如方程式赛车、E-TCR、中国电动方程式赛车、eGT、MotoE
• 乘用车,如高性能轿跑车、SUV
• 商用车,如电动卡车、客车
• 非公路用车,如建筑专用车、矿用车、航海,农业设备
• 特种工业电机驱动系统,机器人、起重机等


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India (Bengaluru) 2018


India (Bengaluru) 2018 B 101


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2455 Baoan Highway, Jiading District Shanghai
201801 Shanghai

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