14 Nov 2020


Through a unique collaboration of the Dutch transport operator Pouw Vervoer with six suppliers and body builders, the Dutch health organization GGD / GHOR has added 10 mobile Covid-19 test facilities. The buses that previously served as normal city buses have been converted into these modern Covid-19 test units in only 1 week and can be used 24/7 for local outbreaks of Covid-19.

It is the result of a tender issued by the Dutch health organization GGD / GHOR. The order was commissioned on October 22 with a delivery deadline of November 1, only one week later. “After the commission on October 22, there was no time to lose. The project team, together with the stakeholders, immediately started making modifications to the buses to enable the construction of these test units. In our industry we always work under time pressure and we have to think creatively with the customer every minute. I am therefore very happy that the deadline of 1 November 2020 is met”, says Johan Pouw, General Manager of Pouw Vervoer. The core business of Pouw Vervoer is the transport of people as a pulic transport operator, school transport and tourim. In addition, the company is active in building specialist vehicles in collaboration with partners: Carrosserie Akkermans, Stephan van Rooijen Reclame, Orhan Stoffering Vianen, BAS Trucks Veghel, Kleyn Trucks Vuren and Camper Totaal IJsselstein. During the week the ten buses are build almost “round the clock” as the staff worked in two shifts to meet the deadline.

This assignment stems from the Dutch 'Roadmap' Testing and Tracing', to deploy Covid-19 mobile test units in places where there is a shortage of test capacity, for example after a local outbreak. GGD/GHOR Nederland is the advocate for public health and safety in the Netherlands and is the umbrella trade association of the 25 Municipal Health Services (GGDs) and the Regional Medical Assistance Organizations in the Region (GHOR).

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