01 Nov 2020


In its fight against Covid-19 and for the protection of bus occupants, Daimler Buses is relying on a high fresh air content, a fast exchange of air and anti-viral high-performance particle filters in its vehicles. Daimler emphasizes the fully automatic air conditioning systems, installed as standard in the buses, exchange air fast and in combination with new active filters, make a considerable contribution towards increasing the safety of the occupants in Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses.

New active filters significantly increase the efficiency of the air conditioning systems in the Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses. These multi-layer, progressively designed high-performance particle filters additionally feature an anti-viral functional layer which filters the finest aerosols. Mercedes-Benz explains that proof of these anti-viral characteristics are in accordance with ISO 18184 are provided by physical tests and micro-biological examinations. With these features up to 99 percent of aerosols are filtered out. Prof. Dr. Martin Kriegel, Head of the Technical University of Berlin: "Thanks to the use of high-performance particle filters the concentration is also very low in air-recirculation mode. Even after four hours in the bus, the critical value of 3000 aerosols, considered to lead to infection, is not achieved." The new high-performance particle filters with an anti-viral functional layer are available for all touring buses including double-deckers and all high-floor inter-city vehicles. Vehicles fitted with these features will be identifiable by a highly-visible sticker in the entrance area.

Thanks to ventilation via the footwells, air is continuously exchanged in high-floor vehicles and high-deck touring coaches and in turn this protects occupants from an increased concentration of aerosols. Daimler Buses states that at a common outside temperature between 8 and 26 degrees Celsius, the air conditioning system uses the maximum level of fresh air (between 80 and 100 percent). In this way air can be exchanged continuously and quickly, every one to two minutes.

To prevent droplet infections, Daimler Buses has developed professional protective doors for drivers made of safety glass and top-quality polycarbonate plastic for city and inter-city buses as well as touring coaches from both the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. These protective doors for drivers are available for new vehicles and as a retrofit solution.

Daimler Buses also is offering contact-free disinfectant dispensers which are fitted on the door mechanisms. These contact-free dispensers prevent users' hands coming into contact with the actual device. Thus transmission of germs via the dispenser is not possible.

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