26 Sep 2020


Like all around the world coaches in Tokyo have come to a standstill. One coach company found an alternative use for its sixty coaches and formed a maze with them as part of a tour to a theme park. It are sightseeing buses from the company Hato Bus, one of Tokyo’s biggest coach operators. Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the company had to shut down all its usual tours for several months.

Hato Bus restarted its operations since June, but a majority of its buses have been sitting idly in a car park due to the lack of tourists. In the weekend of 19 to 21 September Hato Bus organized small tours to the Small Worlds Tokyo miniature theme park in Ariake, with as an extra a tour through the maze made up by sixty coaches. The maze is a treat for Tokyo families who are in much need of a proper day out. Hato Bus used 60 buses each measuring 3.8 meters tall as walls of the 600-meter-long maze. The price of the tour was originally 6,980 yen for adults but was discounted to 4,980 (or 3,980 yen for children). This way the sixty idle standing coaches still attributed to the revenues of the company.

As a coronavirus safety measure, tour capacity was 30 people at a time and a special demonstration was given to show how the buses are sufficiently ventilated.

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