09 Sep 2020

World EV Day “drive electric” pledge campaign

Today is “World EV Day”, launched by ABB and Green.TV. A day created to generate increased consumer awareness about the benefit of EVs, putting driving electric mobility at the top of the agenda. In the world of buses electric vehicles are becoming more and more a common sight. At least in some parts of the world, like China and some Western European countries. Also South America is booming in electric bus transportation and Asia follows rapidly.

“World EV Day” will be a day of global e-mobility appreciation. Reaching out to current and prospective drivers of electric vehicles (Evs), as ABB and Green.TV are calling it. World EV Day will ask drivers to commit to an online pledge to make their next car an electric vehicle. According to the two organizers this will be a tangible demonstration of how World EV Day will encourage recognition of the crucial role that electric vehicles play in driving forward sustainable transport.

The two founding companies of the “World EV Day” ABB and Green.TV are very much involved in E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions. ABB has installed 14,000 DC fast chargers across more than 80 countries and recently received the Global E-mobility Leader 2019 award for its role in supporting the international adoption of sustainable transport solutions. GreenTV’s has a communications partnership with ABB, to launch the World EV Day initiative: “A time of digital celebration for both emobility, and sustainability”.

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global business for commented: “World EV Day shines a spotlight on the need for greater electric vehicle uptake, and we hope this campaign will help to catalyze a global movement which will support a zero emission transport future.” Ade Thomas, Founder of media company Green.TV said: “We want to ensure that World EV Day addresses the pressing issues of climate change and air quality, and we are asking everyone to commit to doing their bit for a sustainable future by driving electric.”

World EV Day will be working with other partners and leaders in the e-mobility sector to build an international e-mobility movement. Additional partners include, Mahindra Electric Mobility, which manufactures electric vehicles and related technologies, Polestar, an electric vehicle manufacturer, SSE, one of the ‘big six’ energy companies in the UK, and NIO, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer.

To take the pledge please visit: www.worldevday.org/ev-pledge

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