25 Aug 2020


Bustech, bus manufacturer in Australia, and American Proterra announced a new collaboration to manufacture Bustech’s all-electric ZDi 12.5 meter transit bus utilizing Proterra’s battery technology platform. This partnership represents the first Proterra Powered vehicle outside North American market.

The partnership represents Proterra’s entry into the Australian market and will be the company’s first Proterra Powered battery electric vehicle operating outside North America. Under the partnership, Bustech will incorporate Proterra’s battery technology into the ZDi’s integrated chassis systems. The Proterra battery system powering the all-electric ZDi transit bus will feature 450 kWh of energy capacity that will enable an estimated 325 km of drive range on a single charge. The vehicle can fully charge in about two hours. Proterra battery packs incorporate features such as liquid cooling with an active thermal management system maintaining a constant battery temperature in Australia’s demanding climate. “Bustech will bring the ZDI Proterra Powered electric vehicle to market early 2021. there are a significant number of orders in the pipeline which we have been working on in advance of the announcement of our partnership,” said Bustech CEO Thinus Steyn.

Established in 1995, Bustech developed the first electric bus in Australia. In 2019, Bustech joined with the Australian Bus Corporation (ABC) to form the largest bus manufacturer in Australia.

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