07 Jul 2020


BYD has delivered a total of 455 buses to Chile and states with this number it has a marketshare of 65% in the country's electric bus market and is thereby marketleader in E-buses. Until the last Saturday in June the BYD fleet existed of 305 ebuses. This day a 150 BYD electric buses were incorporated into the RED system.

The RED system is operated by the transit company Metbus, which currently has the largest fleet of electric buses in the Americas, these buses will be incorporated in services that run through Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins, known as the Alameda, the historic central avenue in the Chilean capital Santiago. RED Mobility is the standard implemented by Chile’s Ministry of Transportation in late 2018, which seeks to establish a new level of quality for city transport, which also began with the launching of the first 100 BYD buses in Chile. Its final objective is the total electrification of public transportation by the year 2040.

The renewal of the fleet will enable it to cover Santiago’s most important bus route and also allows for a change of operator, since the new BYD buses operated by Metbus replace 20% of the fleet from the Colombian operator Express, who did not obtain its contract renewal for this part of the city.

This process of continuously improving public transportation is a direct benefit for the people. Since last year, the gradual increase in the circulation of high-standard buses in Greater Santiago has improved the service quality. We will continue to incorporate more changes in this direction with the next tenders and with the extension of the network to other cities”, highlighted the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt. BYD's electric buses are serving markets in many Latin American countries, including Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay. Globally, BYD's electric buses and taxis have spread to more than 300 cities, in more than 50 countries and regions.

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