29 Jun 2020


The bus and coach sector is taking all kinds of measures to avoid spreading of the Covid-19 virus. One of the latest renewals is a collection of seat upholstery fabrics, curtains and panel lining material named Bioguard. The manufacturer is the Belgium based company Buvetex.

The claim by Buvetex for its Bioguard fabrics is that it fights off 99,9% of unwanted DNA, viruses and bacteria. According to the manufacturer the fabrics should be ideal for complete interiors in public transport and private bus transportation. The fabric is treated with a special coating which should eliminate all germs within 10 minutes of contact time. In the press release Buvetex says “the Bioguard active ingredients adhere to their membranes and generate an electrostatic attraction. This ionisation process deactivates the pathogens, as their internal DNA is penetrated through the membrane and destroyed.” Buvetex explains that the bonded technology the need for recurrent, complicated and costly disinfecting handlings such as washing, steaming and bleaching are not an issue and that the Bioguard fabrics benefit from a long-lasting germicidal coating. Buvetex is a Belgian company, specialized in interior upholstery materials for buses and coaches.

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