14 Jun 2020


Novaerus has developed portable air disinfection devices to clean indoor air which should also be effective in coaches, as the producer claims. Novaerus uses medical grade air disinfection technology that should destroy viruses, spores and fungi in the air and reduces surface decontamination.

The Novaerus device uses a patented plasma technology, which should offer a solution to killing airborne viruses 24/7. By drawing air through a air plasma field it destroys airborne viruses. The Novaerus units can be adapted to plug into a vehicle using a simple frame to secure the unit. There are three units available: NV200 which process 80 m3/hr (cubic metres of air an hour) which Novaerus recommends for spaces up to 200 sq ft like a small to medium coach; the NV800 processes up to 260 m3 /hr usable in a large coach; Defend 1050 which processes up to 906 m3/hr suitable for larger environments.

Novaerus state the technology is tested in over 30 independent laboratories against a range of viruses including MS2, a commonly used surrogate for coronavirus. Jeremy Perrin from ei travel group, one of Ireland’s premier motor coach and tour operators is leading the distribution of Novaerus for the motor coach industry.

More information at www.novaerus.com

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