13 Jun 2020


Brussels' public transport operator STIB/MIVB is placing more than 2,000 solar panels on the roofs of two of its depots. To use energy sustainably STIB is aiming installing solar panels on the roofs of its sites wherever possible. Once these new panels are in use, STIB has 5.486 solar panels in use, covering an area of ​​9,393 m² and producing between 1,407 and 1,539 MWh annually.

The depot 'Jacques Brel' will have 1,959 panels, on an area of ​​3,354 m². The electricity production is estimated between 527 and 577 MWh per year. This should allow to cover on average about 14% of the electricity needs of the site. The second depot in the Brussels area Schaerbeek will have 120 panels on an area of ​​205 m². The electricity production is estimated between 32 and 35 MWh per year. That should cover an average of 9% of the site's electricity needs. With this renewable energy production STIB estimates saving between 261 and 286 tons of CO2 annually, thereby contributing to the carbon strategy and the target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The electricity produced by the STIB panels corresponds on an annual basis to the consumption of 402 to 440 Brussels households.

The installation of the solar panels on the Marconisite is a project that is fully carried out by STIB. The installation at the sites in Ixelles, Jacques Brel and Schaerbeek is part of the SolarClick program, which is financed by the Brussels Region and managed by Sibelga. Apart from the buildings where STIB installed solar panels, the Region also equipped 11 metro stations with solar panels.

STIB has placed the first solarpanels in 2018 on a tram depot, 624 panels on an area of ​​1,066 m², good for a production between 130 and 143 MWh per year covering the annual electricity needs of the administrative part of the depot. In 2019, 2,748 panels were installed on the site of the tram depot in Ixelles. They cover an area of ​​4,707 m² and ensure an estimated production between 718 and 784 MWh per year, which should allow to account for 42% of the electricity consumption of the buildings. “STIB's environmental objectives do not only translate into the purchase of hybrid or electric vehicles. We also want to valorise our sources of energy and focus even more on renewable energy, which becomes more important with the increase and gradual evolution towards an electric bus fleet”, explains Brieuc de Meeûs, CEO of STIB.

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