02 Jun 2020


Buitink Inflatable Car Screens is an invention by the Dutch firm Buitink Technology. It are transparent screens custom designed for different types and models of vehicles. They have a sturdy inflatable rim and a set of fasteners that secure the screen in the vehicle without having to screw anything into the vehicle. The plastic screen, which is easy to disinfect, protects the driver and passengers from spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Buitink Technology is specialized in the development of lightweight plastic constructions and has the worldwide patent for the design of the car screens. “We have developed these screens especially for the application in vehicles,” explains Jan van de Weerd of Buitink Technology, “Think, for example, of taxis, passenger transport with buses and coaches, car companies that want to make test drives with passengers or salvage companies, who pick up cars and their passengers in the event of a breakdown. The screens can be used for the separation of the driver and the passenger area, but also for the separation between the driver and the co-driver. “The car screen does not close the space 100 percent,” explains Jan van de Weerd, “but it does offer effective protection in an environment where a distance of 1.5 meters is not always feasible.”

The car screens have been developed by Buitink Technology for a wide range of models and types of vehicles. “We start from the inner dimensions of a car and make a sturdy inflatable tube frame, which secures the screen in the cabin. The inflatable frame can easily be inflated with a bicycle pump or a compressor. With a number of additional straps, the screen is then secured to a number of fixed points such as the rear-view mirror, seats or headrest brackets. The dimensions of the cabin can be easily communicated using a drawing on our website.” A screen weighs an average of 2 kilos and fits in a package of only 20x20x30 cm. www.buitink-technology.com.

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