24 May 2020


Recently, 100 Yutong E12 full electric buses arrived in Kazakhstan. The first batch of 20 buses has been put into operation in the core bus routes of Nur-Sultan, capital city of Kazakhstan and the second coldest capital in the world. By participating in Busworld Central Asia last year, Yutong's pure electric buses have gained popularity in the bus industry in Kazakhstan, which helped Yutong to get this contract to a certain degree.

This is the largest single order of full electric buses in Kazakhstan and even in the CIS countries as Yutong reports. Despite Kazakhstan is the largest country of oil and gas resource in Central Asia, it is involved in the wave of global new energy development. In January 2019, the Kazakhstan customers took a Yutong full electric bus for trial operation in Nur-Sultan. Mid 2019, Kazakhstan held a bidding of new energy buses, which was won by Yutong. During winter temperature in Nur-Sultan is usually below minus 40℃. In order to conquer this freezing cold weather Yutong has taken a variety of measures on the thermal resistant performance of these full electric buses to withstand this local special climate environment and meet the full-day operational demand after being fully charged.

As of December 2019, Yutong's total sales volume in Kazakhstan since 2005 has exceeded 2,000 units, accounting for more than 40% of China's exports of large and medium-sized buses exported to the country. Yutong has exported more than 70,000 units of buses and coaches worldwide, and has achieved the sales of new energy vehicles in France, UK, Bulgaria, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Chile, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China Macau, etc. The Chinese company has more than 200 authorized service stations or service companies in overseas markets, and over 320 authorized service outlets. It has also established a number of overseas spare parts centers in Russia, Australia, Panama, South Africa, UAE and other countries.

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