18 May 2020


The Belarusian automobile engineering company MAZ has made its first electric bus. The MAZ 303E10 is a low-floor electric bus with a range of up to 300 km. This new model is powered by a 300kW ZF CeTrax. Compared with the former diesel version the new e-bus has panoramic windows which are nearly one third larger. The structural frame is made of corrosion-resistant steel pipes with a special cross-section to increase the load-bearing capacity.

The 285 kWh battery can be charged from a 380V power socket or at a special station with a CCS2 Combo power socket. Charging the battery to full at maximum voltage needs four hours. The ZF CeTrax is 300 kW electric central drive. The New MAZ uses electric heating, which makes it totally environmentally friendly. The air conditioner can be used for cooling or heating interchangeably.

The new model is based on the third-generation bus model MAZ 303. The external dimensions are 12.43m long, 2.55m wide, and 3.3m high. It can carry over 70 passengers and offers 30 seats and a a retractable ramp for wheelchair users. All the seats are equipped with USB ports. The driver's cab is equipped with a digital dashboard with indications for information from rain sensors, light sensors, ECAS and EBS safety systems.

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