06 May 2020


VDL Bus & Coach as delivered a first unique fuel cell bus in the Netherlands. This VDL SLF-E H2 is equipped with a trailer that houses the H2 technology. The main reason for this rather special solution is that the extra weight of the H2 installation does not influence the number of passengers to be transported. The maximum number of passengers is the same as that of a comparable diesel bus.

It is a real eye-catching solution VDL delivered to Connexxion, subsidiary from French Transdev. The bus is the first of four to be put in operation in the region Hoeksche Waard-Goeree Overflakkee, south of Rotterdam. VDL will deliver one bus every week. After a short training period for drivers, the buses are deployed on the regional R-Net line 436.

The buses were ordered by Connexxion a few years ago. Commissioning was delayed due to complex laws and regulations regarding the use of hydrogen buses. The bus drivers and mechanics who will be working with these buses have now obtained driving license E in addition to driving license D, to be allowed to take this special construction on the road. With a full tank of hydrogen, these buses can travel about 350 kilometres. Refueling is done at the hydrogen station of Air Liquide in the city Rhoon. The range extender system has been developed by Bosch Engineering GmbH together with VDL Enabling Transport Solutions. The fuel cell stacks come form ElringKlinger. This is along the route of line 436. In 2021, the number of hydrogen buses in Hoeksche Waard–Goeree Overflakkee will be expanded thanks to the purchase a few months ago of 20 new Urbino 12 Hydrogen buses from Solaris. Purchase has been made possible by funding from the Netherlands government and EU.

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