28 Apr 2020

Must see: top interviews in the new Busworld TV Talks video series!

Busworld is introducing a new series of videos. Videos about bus and coach topics that concern us all. Topics that need more than 25 seconds to explain. These videos take the time to give you an accurate and deep understanding of what is going on in today's bus world. The top of the bus and coach experts give you their personal insights. The first topic in the row is: THE INTERNET of THINGS. What do you know about it? What should you know about it? How will it affect your business? Are you ready?

Forget about TED talks and follow BUSWORLD TV talks. We are sure you will be a hooked!

Watch Internet of Things PART 1 by clicking this LINK

with Y. Tugrul Arikan, general manager of Anadolu Isuzu, Julie Furber - VP of Cummins, Marie Kress - Business Analyst Mobility & Travel, Ilham Saleh, United Group Ortem, H. Basri akgül - Otokar Otomotiv

They talk about fully connected vehicles, data as the new oil, 5G bringing the public transport to a next level

Recorded at Busworld Turkey 2020

Watch the Internet of Things PART 2 by clicking this LINK

with Fabian Dubiel - Voith Group, Julie Furber - VP of Cummins, Choudhury Rudra, Charan Mohanty - United Nations, Marie Kress - Business Analyst Mobility & Travel

They talk about AI, MaaS and the shift from car ownership to sharing solutions and all this in smarter cities with smarter mobility.

Recorded at Busworld Turkey 2020

Do you want to give a BUSWORLD  TV Talk yourself?

1. we can interview you at one of the next Busworld exhibitions somewhere in the world

2. when it's really urgent, we can remotely record your interview too 

Talk to us! And we'll make it happen.

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