20 Apr 2020


Coach business has come to a complete halt around the world. In the first Busworld Academy Webinar ever, over a week ago, the same comments came from the USA, Europe and in particular Denmark and India that the damage all over the world is huge. Millions, even billions dollars on revenues are vanished, disappeared, burned. Coming Thursday 23 April at 15.00 hours CET, Busworld Academy in partnership with GPN (Global Passenger Network) organizes its second webinar in illuminating how to create income during a lock-down period and to reduce costs.

In this second Busworld Academy webinar 6 top-level managers of coach operating companies from around the world, will brainstorm about possible internal measures coach companies can take to face the lock-down period and the Covid-19 crisis. The 6 top-level managers of coach operating companies from around the world are: Mr. Mohammed A. Afzal as Chairman & Managing Director of AB Business Enterprises (Parveen Group) in India and Secretary General of BOCI in India; Mr. Mark Anderson, CEO at Anderson Travel, UK; Mr. Trinh Gia Hien, Executive Assistant at Haivan Group in Vietnam; Mr. Luis A. Pedrero, CEO Car Tour, Spain; Ms. Bronwyn Wilson, President of the International Motorcoach Group, USA; Mr. Thami Mourad, Vice President GM2 Tours in Morocco.

Nobody knows how long it will take for the normal activities can restart. Coach companies which cannot bridge the loss of income during the crisis are not sure to survive the crisis. Millions of jobs are threatened in the coach industry and related sectors such as tourist attractions, events, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The first Busworld Webinar was a success with almost 400 participants from all over the globe: India, USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America. This new webinar Thursday 23 April at 15.00 hours CET, is aiming at managers in coach and bus companies and industry associations, worldwide and at all stakeholders that want to contribute to the revival of the industry.


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