03 Apr 2020


Mercedes-Benz has presented the new eVito Tourer, for passenger transport. Special is that the eVito Tourer has a battery pack of 150 kW that provides a range of 421 kilometres, where the last year presented eVito panelvan can only travel a maximum of 160 kilometres. Also Mercedes-Benz gives the choice to replace the rear view mirror with a camera.

Although the reaction to the introduction of the eVito panel was quite astonishing at the in many eyes scarce range of up to 160 kilometres, the eVito Tourer gets a lot more: it does it for no less than 421 kilometres. The new eVito Tourer features the electric powertrain (eATS), which powers the front wheels with a peak power of 150 kW. The electric motor, the fixed gear transmission, the cooling system and the power electronics form a compact unit. As with the eVito, the lithium-ion battery is located in the chassis, which ensures a low center of gravity. The eVito Tourer achieves a top speed of 140 km/h (standard) and 160 km/h (optional).

The eVito Tourer has a water-cooled AC on-board charger with a power of 11 kW, suitable for home charging or at public charging stations. It is possible to charge with direct current (DC) via the CCS charging connection. The maximum charging capacity of 110 kW of a fast charging station charges the battery from ten to eighty percent in less than 45 minutes. Furthermore, the eVito Tourer is charged while driving via recovery and braking energy recovery. The eVito Tourer is available in two different lengths: 5140 millimeters and 5370 millimeters.

New for the Vito is the digital rear-view mirror, which offers an unobstructed view through an HDR camera in the rear window, even if the rear window is blocked by the load or headrests, passengers or other visual obstacles. Poor visibility due to rain, for example, is no problem. The 1600x320 pixel image in combination with the image processing, and the high resolution TFT LCD screen offer sufficient visibility.

Drivers of an eVito Tourer benefit from the connectivity solutions offered under the Mercedes PRO connect name.

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