28 Jan 2020


With the opening and commissioning of the largest photovoltaic solar farm in the Basque Country (Spain) Irizar e-mobility has become the first green energy electromobility factory in Europe. This Ekian solar farm will supply the electricity for the Irizar factory. As a result the Irizar Group is one of the largest investors in the solar farm with the acquisition of 3 MW.

The energy generated in this farm will supply the Irizar e-mobility facilities, making it as the people at Irizar proudly say, the first factory for the production of electric buses with zero emissions clean energy in Europe.

Ekian is a public private initiative promoted by the Basque Energy Agency and KREAN and has 22 investor companies. The Ekian photovoltaic solar farm is located on a 55-hectare industrial estate called “La lágrima” on the Arasur Industrial Estate, in the municipality of Ribera Baja-Erribera Beitia, Araba. It consists of 66,000 solar panels, 355 watts each, generating total installed capacity of 24 MW, thus doubling the current solar power of the Basque Country. At full capacity, it will produce approximately 40,000 MWh per year, i.e. electricity equivalent to the electrical consumption of 15,000 families in one year and will prevent the emission of about 14,600 tons of CO2 if that energy were to produced by other fossil-based energy sources.

The Irizar Group is fully committed to the environment and, since it obtained ISO 14001 in 1998, has been actively taking steps in energy transformation. The Irizar e-mobility factory was inaugurated in 2018 and is build especially to provide electromobility solutions. It is designed and manufactured based on eco-sustainability concepts with a type A energy efficiency certificate. It includes a warehouse and domestic water heating system that works by using the surplus steam from a company located in the adjoining plot.

The Irizar Group develops and manufactures its own batteries, under a partnership agreement signed with the Basque Energy Agency and Repsol. It also offers a second life for its batteries, so that they can be reused at the end of their bus life-cycle, as storage components in recharging stations for electric vehicles in Repsol service stations.

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