07 Jan 2020


During the last two months of 2019 Scania has delivered the first Interlink LNG coach to Spanish customer Alsa, and 15 of those vehicles to operator TPER in Bologna (Italy). The Scania Interlink LNG is thus far the only European made long-haul coach using LNG. With this vehicle Alsa responds to the demand for alternative drivelines for the long distance transport.

Coach company Alsa has been investing in CNG drivelines for many years. The new Scania Interlink is to operate on regional and suburban transport services under the Madrid Transport Agreement, linking the cities of Alcalá de Henares and Torrejón de Ardoz with the capital, Madrid. According to the company an extremely demanding route in terms of traffic density, and passenger volume.For this purpose the Scania Interlink LNG is for the company the best solution because it has a range of up to 1200 km.

In December Scania also delivered 15 Interlinks LNG to operator TPER Bologna, which has a fleet of trolleybuses, hybrid buses and over 300 CNG buses. Early summer 2020 a second batch of 31 LNG Interlinks will follow the first 15. These coaches lacked boarding facilities for people with reduced mobility. The company explains that the vehicles are running on extra-urban connections where - due to the specific characteristics of the territory and the service - the mobility needs of wheelchair passengers are managed and guaranteed through seat reservations on vehicles equipped for the required journey. TPER says it successfully manages these special requests but still have ordered the second batch with an access ramp and a place equipped for people with reduced mobility.

The Scania LNG coaches have two cryogenic tanks. The vehicles for Bologna can accommodate 71 people of which 55 seated. The coaches required an investment of 3.7 million euros. TPER has funded 90%, 10% is by the government. Italy has 56 of the 200 European filling stations which makes LNG an interesting solution for the Italian market. TPER is planning in the next three years to purchase another 243 buses of different types, for a total investment of over 76 million euros.

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