06 Jan 2020


In the Brazilian city Salvador BYD is to build its first SkyRail overseas. The Skyrail will run along the seaside. After completion, Salvador's SkyRail (yellow) line will connect with other rail transit lines to form a rail network. The entire project’s construction is expected to kick-off officially at the beginning of 2020.

The entire seaside route is 23.28km long - 19.2km in Phase-1 and 4.08km in Phase-2 - and will feature 26 stations along its length. The line will be connected with Salvador's other metro lines once completed. Salvador's SkyRail will be partially built above the sea. SkyRail is a straddle-type monorail system developed by a dedicated, 1,000-strong R&D team following five years of research and development worth 5 billion RMB (650 million euros), which aims to solve traffic congestion in cities. The first ever build Skyrail is in Shenzhen at the BYD-factory, a section of several kilometres as a demonstration project used to connect the buildings on the BYD factory site.

Salvador is located on the northeastern coast of Brazil and had a population of about 3.8 million. It is the country’s fourth-largest city. To meet local residents’ needs for cleaner and more modern connectivity, the Bahia state government made a call for bids globally in May 2018, to build a new rail transit line in Salvador as part of the city's growing public transit system. Now the government has choosen for the BYD Skyrail.

With a minimum turning radius of only 45 meters and able to climb gradients of 10%, SkyRail is according to BYD well adapted to Salvador’s difficult terrain. The Skyrail is equipped with advanced autonomous driving technology and has a futuristic appearance. One advantage of Skyrail for the Bahia government is the elevated tracks keeps it free from flooding, which has been a problem for the city’s existing rail network.

To celebrate the contract a signing ceremony was organized at Calçada Station, the first railway station in Salvador. First built in 1860, this station symbolizes the starting point of Brazil's urban rail network. Once the project is completed, the old station will be used as the entrance for passengers, to be connected with the new SkyRail station above it via an escalator, providing an opportunity for passengers to shuttle between the old and modern side of Salvador as well as between the city's history and future.

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