02 Dec 2019


With 95 buses for the Groningen-Drenthe concession, Evobus has secured a substantial order in the Netherlands. When the public transport company continues this public transport concession from December 15, Qbuzz will use 49 Setra S419 UL (15 meters) 24 Mercedes-Benz Citaro LE and 22 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G (18 meters articulated). These buses will run on biodiesel (HVO).

It was agreed in the tender that CO2-emissions should be reduced by 90 percent. Qbuzz previously announced that it had ordered 164 electric buses and that it would convert the current Euro 6 diesel bus fleet to HVO. The 'old' fleet of diesel buses from Qbuzz in this concession consists of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses, as well as Van Hool double-deckers. In addition, there will also be next year at least twenty Van Hool fuel cell buses.

The Setra S419 UL, which will be used as a Qliner, the name for the intercity buslines in the northern part of the country, has 57 seats with folding footrest, folding table for laptop, air conditioning and WiFi with a USB connection for each seat. Furthermore, these buses are equipped with Xenon lighting, reversing and side cameras to watch the side of the bus, track assist, cruise control and a driver's seat with heating and cooling. The Citaro's are also equipped with Front Collision Guard to protect the driver. In addition, the entire driver's seat including steering wheel, pedals and seat is mounted on a solid frame that can move completely backwards in the event of a severe frontal collision.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro’s LE (12 m) has 40 seats and 60 standing places and in the articulated version 52 seats and 104 standing places. These buses also have Wi-Fi on board, USB connections on every seat and air conditioning.

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