11 Nov 2019


Solaris has implemented the Collision Mitigation System (CMS), an intelligent braking support system, in its Urbino family. Also the Polish manufacturer has enhanced the visibility for the driver by using camera's as mirrors and radars for the enhanced braking systems.

When the radar installed on top of the bus detects the risk of a potential head-on collision, the system goes into braking mode, reducing velocity and thus alleviating the consequences of a potential collision.

The enhanced visibility for the driver is ensured by using camera's instead of mirrors and screens inside the vehicle. This new MirrorEye installed instead of regular rear-view mirrors corresponds to class 2 and 4 visibility (optionally class 5 in the right “mirror”). Above all, there is no more need to reset and adjust mirrors after a driver switch – the screens and cameras always display the optimal scope regardless of the driver’s height. By using cameras instead of the much larger rear view mirrors the width of the vehicle is also reduced which considerably reduces the risk of collision or of snagging the mirror on road infrastructure items. The camera substantially widen the field of view and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The warmed cameras do not freeze nor fog up. The screens can also show distance thresholds of the various bus parts, such as its rear doors or the axle. A horizontal line displayed on the screen eases manoeuvres and parking, and above all renders these procedures safer.

The MobilEye Shield+ system helps the driver by detecting pedestrians and cyclists who are not reflected in mirrors. The system warns the driver – with acoustic signals and visual alerts. In addition, the device informs the driver about every pedestrian and cyclist within 80 cm from the bus. The MobilEye Shield+ also reacts in cases when changing lanes without adequate signalling beforehand occurs or when no appropriate distance to the vehicle in front is maintained. What is more, the system alerts the driver to collision risks. The device can recognize speed limits and informs the driver about them on the display. Many of these systems become mandatory for new buses as of 2022.

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