22 Oct 2019

Tomorrowland chief for catering at Van Hool

Culinary indulgence on the star level of Busworld

Anyone offering buses, coaches and mobility solutions for the future has no choice but to present their employees, customers and foreign guests an ambitious, future catering concept. That's how they felt at Van Hool, who immediately recruited Tomorrowland's kitchen chef and catering coordinator, Bart Vuylsteke, for Busworld. An initiative that spoils employees and guests with culinary delights. As you can see, it's not just the vehicles that appeal to Van Hool.

"For the catering facilities at our Busworld stand, we were looking for a concept that was both in line with our Belgian origins and with the quality of the vehicles we build," explains Dirk Snauwaert. "We had already met Bart Vuylsteke, the chef and catering coordinator of the Tomorrowland festivals in Boom and Alpe d'Huez a few times and asked him if he would work for us during the Busworld event. Together with his wife Annemie, who is a trained chocolatier, Bart leads the refined butcher shop 'Meat' in Okegem (Ninove). In his spare time he is responsible for the catering for Tomorrowland, which must be fully in line with the spirit, philosophy and quality represented by Tomorrowland. He selects catering partners and star chefs, orders ingredients and drinks and ensures that everything is prepared and presented with the utmost care".

Authentic, innovative and Belgian

"By mutual agreement, we have opted for a top-level catering service that is authentic, innovative and Belgian. We work exclusively with fresh ingredients and meals are served on site. For safety reasons, we have even installed a mini-kitchen with deep fryer just outside the hall in order to be able to serve our guests at least solid and crunchy 'Belgian fries'," says Dirk Snauwaert.

Three catering concepts have been developed. In the first place, Van Hool employees are provided with fresh sandwiches, various salads, soup and refreshments every day. These are relatively small snacks to be consumed in between. A second concept are the bistro brasserie dishes served during the happy hour from 17.30 pm to 18.30 pm. About eighty guests are spoiled daily with 'Belgian fries', pork cheek stew, homemade balls, chicken satays, vol-au-vent croquettes and cheese croquettes that are served with mayonnaise, truffle mayonnaise or ketchup.

Gastronomically refined

The third menu includes a gastronomically refined meal offered by CEO Filip Van Hool to his guests, who are welcomed in a Michelin-starred restaurant. On Monday, for example, a 'beef secreto with quinoa' was served, followed by a 'cod fillet on a structure of leek, accompanied by muslin with fresh North Sea shrimps', in other words, a finger-licking sensation. With the catering inspired by Tomorrowland, Van Hool also proves that it is perfectly possible to create a rare and tasty culinary experience for employees and guests at a trade fair.

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