26 Oct 2019


At Busworld they could be seen on many stands, buses and coaches without mirrors but with the MirrorEye system from Stoneridge-Orlaco. The system consists of two high definition cameras that replace the mirrors, completed with two monitors mounted on the A-pillars. The advantages: a better view of what is happening behind you, almost no blind spot, a much larger viewing angle, fewer damage and around three percent savings on fuel consumption.

To start with the latter. Mirrors catch a lot of wind, more in one coach or bus than in the other. That is why Orlaco maintains a wide margin for the savings to be achieved. But it is clear that the MirrorEye system is better for aerodynamics, mirrors are large and therefore wind catchers. In addition, it seems that transport authorities will follow the example of Transport for London that has ordered that from 2021 no more new buses may be purchased with mirrors. Stoneridge-Orlaco has already taken this into account, because MirrorEye can be mounted on any bus via a smart mounting system. A solution for fleet owners with different brands of buses. MirrorEye is approved for blurring of "Class 2 and 4" mirrors. Special is that a "Classe 5" camera can be added to eliminate the blind spot almost completely. The driver does not have to be afraid of light and dark differences. The system adapts within 200 milliseconds, which is an outcome when entering a tunnel. Even at night, visibility remains good thanks to the use of infrared and good software adjustments.

Stoneridge-Orlaco does not deliver directly to coach and bus companies, but the system is available as a retrofit. “But,” explains senior account manager Tristan Domin, “you also get something in return: the driver has much more visibility, almost no blind spots anymore and with the help lines in the screens he can drive up to the rear or park up to a few centimeters accurately determine where the back of his coach is. In addition, it saves enormously in the cost of broken-down mirrors, which is quite common and it saves on fuel percentages."

Not only the bus and coach manufacturers at Busworld have discovered MirrorEye, but in America the system has the FMCSA certificate, which means that permission has been granted to drive completely without mirror with MirrorEye.

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