20 Oct 2019

Caetano partners with Toyota

The Portuguese bus manufacturer Caetanobus is working with Toyota on its first fuel cell city bus. The first prototype can now be admired at Busworld Europe 2019. Caetano will deliver the bus, while Toyota provides the fuel cell technology and installation.

Toyota has been promoting the use of its hydrogen fuel cell technology for many years, not only in passenger cars, but also in heavy trucks, small trucks, forklift trucks and buses. It reflects Toyota's vision of a low-carbon society - as stated in its 'environmental challenge' for 2050.   

With Caetano, Toyota is the first in Europe to implement its fuel cell technology in buses. The components it supplies to Caetano include fuel cell stacks, hydrogen tanks and other key components to build city buses with fuel cells.

The first city buses equipped with this zero-emission fuel cell technology will roll off Caetanobus SA's assembly lines in just under a year and will first be used by Caetanobus for demonstration purposes. "The delivery of our fuel cell systems to Caetanobus shows the many practical applications and environmental benefits of hydrogen for a carbon-free society," says Dr. Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe. José Ramos, President of Salvador Caetano Indústria is proud to be the first company in Europe to benefit from Toyota's leading fuel cell technology. Caetano also offers an electric battery bus, the e.City Gold and the electric chassis e.CC.100, in its range. Both are equipped with Siemens central electric motor.

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