21 Oct 2019


Hall 6, booth 638

They are a bit hidden, but in hall 6 in booth 638, just after the VDL booth and opposite Integralia, there is Anadolu Isuzu present with new and very ecofriendly vehicles: three electric buses, Novociti Volt medium range, Novociti Volt long range and Citivolt 12, and also the new 13 metre Interliner 13 CNG.

Anadolu Isuzu is already a strong and well known brand in France. The Turkish commercial vehicles manufacturer is focussing especially on the European market. It is executing a five year businessmodel in order to be present in all European countries. The dealership in France has brought under its own wings and for the Benelux countries, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Anadolu Isuzu has set up a new dealer organization based in Belgium and led by Jean-Louis Coppetiers. According to Export Director Hakan Kefoğlu the European market becomes more and more important for Anadolu Isuzu. A reason why the company is attending Busworld since many years. “Especially for the European market we have developed our new bus, the Interliner 13 CNG. A bus that can be fitted to many needs an wishes from the operators. Anadolu Isuzu is what I like to call a company specialized in tailor made buses like for schooltransportation, intercity traffic and so one.” He explains that Anadolu Isuzu is growing every year. This year they expect to deliver 1250 buses of which 75% is going to Europe. Not only in France it is a big brand but with several deliveries to three cities in Romania and deliveries in Bulgaria and the Baltic States, the Turkish company is becoming stronger in Eastern Europe as well. Beginning of 2020 it will open in Slovakia a new warehouse managed by the German DB Schenker. Also Anadolu Isuzu has dealerships were spareparts are stocked in every European country and delivers service through various service networks.

At Busworld the company is showing 9 vehicles: Visigo Hyper, Turquoise, Citiport 18, Citiport 12 Hyper, Novociti Volt (Medium Range), Novociti Volt (Long Range), Interliner 13 CNG, Citivolt 12 and Novo Cabrio. Tuğrul Arıkan, General Manager at Anadolu Isuzu, said at the press conference: “I am proud to say that from these nine models three are world premieres.”

Isuzu Novociti Volt is an all-electric midibus based on the multiple award-winning diesel Novociti Life, which was launched in 2018. The batteries with a capacity of 200 kWh are positioned on top of Novociti Volt and enables a range of up to 270 km. The electric motor, located in the rear of the vehicle, comes with 240 kW engine power and 2300 Nm torque. Battery life is guaranteed not to decrease below 70% for 5 years or 250,000 km. The vehicle can be charged from a single charging socket ad AC (22 kW) or DC (140 kW). In addition to quick charging (DC) capabilities in only two hours with 600 V operating voltage, the batteries can also be charged via a home charge (AC) in eight hours. Novociti Volt's quick charge system enables a range up to 50 km in just 10 minutes. Besides the Novociti Volt has three solar panels on its roof in support of low-voltage (24 V) equipments and so helps to enhance the vehicle’s range. Novociti Volt is equipped with “Aconnect” telematics system, which analyses vehicle data such as vehicle speed, battery level, energy consumption, throttle and brake pedal position, etc., and generates solutions to improve efficiency of fleets and companies. The system also reports driver errors with images to determine the driver's score.

The second electric vehicle showcased at the Anadolu Isuzu booth is Citivolt 12. With a length of 12 meters and a battery-electric (BEV) drive system, Citivolt 12 can accommodate up to 90 people, with 30 seated and 60 standing passengers. Citivolt’s low-floor monocoque body and kneeling system offer priority passengers and those with disabilities to have easy access to the vehicle. Lithium-ion batteries with 351 kWh capacity ensure a range up to 300 km. The Siemens electric motor comes with 230 kW peak engine power and 3000 Nm peak torque. As part of the warranty, battery life is guaranteed not to fall below 70% for eight years or 400,000 km. With a liquid cooling system for the battery pack, the vehicle operates easily in all weather conditions. The battery can be charged using a DC charger to maximum 120 kW. Citivolt 12 also features 600 V operating voltage for quick charge in only four hours. With the regenerative braking system, energy released during braking and acceleration can be recovered by 30% on average.

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