22 Oct 2019


Hall 3, booth 305

Smart-Vision by Vision Systems replaces the rearview mirrors with high-definition cameras and interior displays to offer optimized visibility and enhanced ergonomics. The screens’ brightness is automatic adjusted ensuring visibility in all lighting conditions, night and day, in every weather and in any driving environment.

The system also helps in eliminating lateral blind spots, suppression of the A pillar blind spot, parking and manoeuvring aid, guidance assistance, or security monitoring around the vehicle. The system enables a cut in fuel consumption, Vision Systems states it will be around 5% because of the lower wind resistance improving the aerodynamics.

It also eliminates the risk of collision between the mirror and a road user when pulling into bus stops or when cyclists ride along the coach. This minimizes the maintenance costs linked to potential injuries and damages, while maximizing the vehicle’s availability.

Vision Systems will also exhibit Electronically Dimmable Windows presenting different possible applications in the bus and coach markets, both for the passenger and the driver. Directly integrated into the glazing, these systems allow the passengers to instantly change the opacity of their window, or part of it, from clear to dark in order to regulate daylight, glare and heat entering in, while preserving the view. The system can be controlled directly by the passenger, through a centralized control panel for coach-wide master control, or automatically with light or temperature sensors.

Vision Systems will exhibit at Busworld a dimmable window with an integrated information display, Info-Vision, that gives travel information such as time, temperature, remaining kilometres, or a service availability.

Dimmable solutions also find applications in the driver cabin, in the side or back window to limit glare on the dashboard, or as an ergonomic dimmable sun visor integrated into the upper part of the windshield, avoiding to disrupt the driver with handling a shade or to block the view. Vision Systems will showcase a multizone solution integrated into a windshield, with each zone to be dimmed independently.


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