20 Oct 2019


Hall 8, booth 805

BussiPro offers brand-independent management of spare parts and technical maintenance services for buses and coaches. The company is introducing a new way to enhance the use of a bus fleet: BusCare. The approach maximises the proportion of the time vehicles are in active operation, for less idle time. The new solution not only ensures timely availability of high-quality spare parts but also aids in predicting future needs and hence preventing unpleasant surprises. BussiPro states it brings considerable savings.

Traditionally, in dealing with spare parts, attention typically is paid to price and delivery reliability only, whereas BussiPro’s model of operation is designed for finding out in advance which parts will be the best match for the customer’s specific needs. The idea is not to simply keep ordering the same parts as before but to consider developments in the industry and the new options available, each time. The concept encompasses three aspects of enabling optimisation of bus-fleet use and management. In simple terms, the optimisation is focused on – increasing the mileage between service interruptions, – reducing the ratio of cost to distance driven, and – increasing the profitability of your fleet. It consists of three steps: Analysing the required use of the fleet and the current models of operation; Reporting on the analysis, which includes suggestions for development and follow-up; Signing a partnership agreement

BussiPro focusses on spare parts, replacement glass, and specialist consulting services for development projects related to maintenance, repair shop and warehouse operations, and automatic fire-suppression systems. Products and solutions with the best price-to-quality ratio are all just a part of BussiPro’s customer-oriented approach to service. Maintenance and installation of automatic fire suppression systems is one of the cornerstones of the company’s strategy.

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