17 Oct 2019


Hall 6, booth 631

DAF Components presents a new, driven rear axle for coaches and buses. DAF promises a 2% lower fuel consumption thanks to minimal internal frictions and a rapid final reduction, low weight, a very long service interval, the highest comfort and more robust than ever. At the same time, DAF Components presents new Euro 3 and Euro 5 Paccar bus engines that are up to 12% more efficient than their predecessors.

The new rear axle - with a final reduction of 2.05 - fits seamlessly within the "down speeding" philosophy of DAF Components, just like the completely new engine range, whereby the Dutch manufacturer assumes maximum performance at low speeds for the lowest possible fuel consumption and optimum sound comfort. The new rear axle makes fuel savings of around 2% possible. This profit is partly due to the newly developed crown-wheel pinion set. This guarantees minimal friction losses. The axle also sets the new benchmark in terms of saving weight without compromising on robustness. The new axle is up to 70 kilos lighter. Moreover, the oil in the axle body needs to be changed once every 540,000 kilometers, which further increases the uptime of the coach or bus.

In Europe Euro 6 is obligated for new buses and coaches, but in other parts of the world Euro 3 and Euro 5 are still very common. Paccar has developped new Euro 3 and Euro 5 engines that are up to 12% more fuel-efficient than the engines they replace. They are based on Euro 6 powertrains that were launched in 2017. The power sources perform optimally at very low speeds, which means they can already deliver their maximum torque from 900 rpm. Partly as a result, cruising speed is already possible at slightly more than 1,000 rpm. The new Euro 5 Paccar MX-11 engine is available with 300 kW (408 hp) or 330 kW (449 hp). The torque amounts to 2,100 and 2,300 Nm respectively. The new Euro 3 and Euro 5 Paccar MX-13 is available with 315 kW (428 hp) and 2,300 Nm of torque, 355 kW (483 hp) and 2,500 Nm and 390 kW (530 hp) with 2,600 Nm.

The DAF Components delivery program also includes the chassis of the DAF LF distribution truck, for compact buses with 30 to 40 seats. DAF supplies this chassis with wheel bases from 3.05 to 6.70 meters and with 4.5-liter Paccar PX-5 4-cylinder and 6.7-liter Paccar PX-7 6-cylinder engines (Euro 6) with power ratings of 112 kW (152 hp) to 239 kW (320 hp). DAF offers more than 1100 service points throughout and outside Europe, 200 of which have been specially appointed as "DAF Coach & Bus dealers", including DAF's International Coach Service 24 hours a day.

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