05 Oct 2019


Hall 5, booth 514

In Motion Charging technology (IMC) of Kiepe Electric is a powerful charging concept for e-buses and eliminates the bottleneck “charging station”. The clue is that no stops for battery recharging are required. IMC enables buses to charge through overhead lines while driving and simply switch to battery power when driving in areas without powerlines.

With the latest IMC version, IMC500, Kiepe has managed that the bus can draw up to 500 kW of power during travel. According to Kiepe it is possible to power all sub-systems at the same time wherever overhead lines are available: two 160 kW motors, the HVAC system and battery. Kiepe emphasizes that the higher the charge rate, the less time the vehicle needs to spend under overhead lines to keep the battery topped up, which reduces the amount of infrastructure required, accordingly IMC500 should only require an overhead line system to cover approximately 20% of the total route.

IMC can be fitted with the innovative Smart Fleet Management (SFM) of Kiepe Electric. This is a self learning AI energy management system that can make scheduled service operation robust to increase net capacity. SFM gathers data on consumption, route and performance and enables automatic and predictive control of buses. SFM covers all kind of charging concepts. This system includes the Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM), which reduces maintenance costs and will predict upcoming service and repair demands, the intelligent Kiepe Traction Control (KTC) and the new Kiepe Electric Traction Inverter (KTI). Vossloh Kiepe belongs since 2017 to the Knorr Bremse Group and was renamed in Kiepe Electric GmbH.

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