19 Sep 2019


Hall 3, booth 320

Busworld Brussels will not be only about buses or coaches. New techniques will be demonstrated, such as from Herman Elektronika from Czech Republic which is specialized in “CAR 2 Infrastructure communication” and “CAR 2 CAR communication”, based on ETSI ITS-G5 standards. Herman delivers units for cars as well as a base unit for controller of cross preferences and is one of the “shadow” participants of C-ROADS projects where it won implementation of the units to the highways D1.

Earlier this year this company successfully participated in the Intercor PKI Testfest, which took place in the city of Reims in France. The goal of the event was to test an internation interoperability of V2X services in terms of security. This was the first public and open security test in Europe. Teams from 11 states participated in this event with 22 On-Board Units (OBUs) and 12 Road-Side Units (RSUs). In total 19 companies (including Renault and Peugeot) participated. The event was divided into 6 scenarios, which were tested one after another. The team from Herman succeeded in all of them. “Each scenario tested a certain aspect of a secured V2X communication, mainly the way the certificates are exchanged and the conditions, under which the messages should be verified and under which they are valid”. The test consisted in riding a given 23 kilometre long circuit, including highways and city roads. There were 4 RSUs of the French road operator SANEF. These RSUs sent warning signals about non-standard situations using DENM messages (e.g., road-works warning, strong wind, slow vehicle). The messages were also sent from the SANEF vehicles (V2V), such as “human on the road” and “stationary vehicle”. The picture shows the “Platoon of cars” getting ready for the test ride with the third vehicle being the Herman car.

In Brno and Ostrava in the (Czech Republic Herman already run V2X technology with a “crossroad vehicle preference communication channel” between the vehicles and intersection controller (in Brno its more than 80 pcs of intersections).

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