07 Sep 2019


Four Yutong L4 autonomous buses started the trial operation on the open road of the Intelligent Island in the Chinese city Zhengzhou on 17 May this year. Now almost four months later there was the ceremony held of 10,000km safe operation of autonomous buses. The 5G intelligent public transport project is jointly created by the Henan Provincial Government and Yutong Bus.

"The 5G intelligent autonomous buses, named Xiaoyu, have been operating for 4 months with a total mileage of 10,000 km and zero accidents, receiving nearly 10,800 people from the public and visiting groups. This data fully showcased that the technological change and industrial transformation centered on big data, artificial intelligence, 5G+ and other elements are changing our way of life profoundly," said Dai Yulong, deputy director of the Intelligent Island Management Committee during the event in the press release.

The 10,000km mileage also marked that the autonomous driving route finished the trial operation phase and began to enter the official operation phase.

In the Xiaoyu autonomous bus can neither dashboard nor steering wheel be seen, there is nothing else except seats. The Xiaoyu has a powerful “brain”, which can identify traffic lights, pedestrians, obstacles, and actively give way to emergency vehicles.

In order to achieve the practical operation of autonomous driving on the open road, Yutong has built a complete set of solutions of 5G intelligent public transport based on L4 autonomous buses. The autonomous driving route in the Intelligent Island is the first one in China where the L4 autonomous driving on the open road is conducted. The 5G and L4 automatic driving have drawn a blueprint for the future smart transportation.

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