27 Aug 2019


In one concession for the region surrounding government city The Hague in The Netherlands public transport operator EBS (Egged Bus Systems) have taken into operation 116 buses: 93 of them are Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT Hybrid and 23 are VDL Citea LLE 99 Electric.

In the two cities Zoetermeer and Delft the city operation will be with the 23 electric VDL Citea's. With their length of just under 10 meters especially suited for the narrow streets of Delft. The remaining 93 NGT Citaro's are to operate the remaining routes in the region and into The Hague. 83 of them are 12 meters solo buses and 10 articulated of 18 metres. They will be fuelled with green-gas produced at the water recycling facility in the nearby Harnaschpolder a huge facility to recycle waste water from the region including that from the city of The Hague. The gas supplier is Pitpoint.

For the electric buses there are 4 new charging facilities realized in only six months time including the connection to the energy grid. Charging can be done by plug of via a pantograph. For the gas-buses 3 fuelling stations installed. The implementation took overall only six months due to a legal objection clause in the bidding process.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT Hybrid has an electric motor that supports the gas-powered engine primarily when the vehicle pulls away and the demand for power is high with an output of up to 14 kW and 220 Nm torque. The M 936 G gas-powered engine delivers 222 kW (302 hp) from 7.7 l displacement and achieves a maximum torque of 1200 Nm. When used in conjunction with biogas or biomethane, the Citaro NGT hybrid is almost CO2 neutral. Mercedes-Benz claims a reduce in fuel consumption for this hybrid set up of 8.5 percent. Accordingly, emissions are lower. The electric power for the electric motor is recuperated during braking and overrun phases at no cost. It is stored in double-layer capacitors or supercaps.

CEO Avi Friedman of the Israeli company Egged had joined his Dutch staff to witness and celebrate the introduction of the 126 new buses in the concession won by his company. The concession includes a condition that in 2026 and 2027 the hybrid NGT Citaro's are to be replaced by electric buses.

EBS Public Transportation is since 2011 active in The Netherlands. This is their third concession they start operating.

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