22 Aug 2019


At Busworld India 2018 the first signals were given by government officials that hinted on a massive attackplan for the implementation of electric vehicles. The reason: the air in India’s cities is heavily polluted. India is making plans to procure 5,645 electric buses the coming years, ‘made in India’.

India also looks to push the manufacturing of electric car batteries domestically. The country is also particularly focused on using clean energy to charge its expected boom in electric vehicles. Now the government has announced that public transport must convert to electric energy. Earlier this month India has issued a statement where in it announced that taxes on electric vehicles will be cut. It’s reducing the electric car tax from 12% to 5%, and on EV chargers from 18% to 5%.

The 5,645 buses are to be procured by transportauthorities in 65 cities. India has set its mind to electrifying public transport instead of private transport, such as cars in the plan ‘Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India’ (FAME India). India’s bus market is well over 70,000 (> 6 ton) units per year and thus interesting for many players. At Busworld 2018 in Bengaluru there was a electric citybus from Olectra Greentech, based on a chassis from Chinese company BYD. Just after Busworld Olectra signed a large contract in India for the delivery of hundreds electric buses. Also Indian bus manufacturers like were planning introductions of electric buses.

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