19 Jul 2019


Otokar, one of the largest Turkish bus manufacturers, exhibited his public transport bus, Kent, at the inaugural exhibition of Busworld Central Asia in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Otokar has delivered buses in 50 countries around the world, including Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy. At Busworld Central Asia besides the Kent Otokar also promoted its extensive portfolio of vehicles ranging from 7 meters to 18.75 meters in length.

Otokar has won multiple awards for its public transport buses with modern designs and advanced technologies. In addition to long periodic maintenance intervals, Kent is a public transit bus with low operating costs, a durable engine, large passenger capacity and durability, and comes with individual 12 meter and articulated 18 meter versions, plus a 10,5 meter version, which was also exhibited in Almaty. Otokar Kent promises a spacious trip in all seasons with its powerful air conditioning system and offers unparalleled suspension, superior handling and high comfort, while ABS safety systems , ASR, disc brakes and anti-lock doors guarantee maximum safety. Kent offers the 'CAN' information system for the user that can be reconfigured according to the needs of each user, a modular structure open to new equipment that municipalities may require, offering users benefits.

Otokar Kent has a modern interior and exterior design. With a low floor design and a wheelchair access ramp for people with physical disabilities, as well as for baby carriages and elderly people, the Kent allow easy entry and exit.

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