12 Jul 2019


The Transport Authority of Almaty is the regulator of urban mobility in the former capital of Kazakhstan. It manages 14 bus companies, 13 private and one public. Their process of fleet renewal begun in 2016, and now there is the need to renew 400 of the 2000 buses that run in the city. The majority will be natural gas buses but also the transport Authority will put 10 electric buses on the streets as a test.

The presence of three Chinese manufacturers in the arena of the Atakent Expo, the fairground of Almaty where the first edition of Busworld Central Asia took place end of June, becomes important. These Chinese companies took the initiative and applied to be bidders in the bid for the transition to the electrification of the city of Almaty. Yutong presented two types of solutions, a bus 100 percent electric and a hybrid, both 12 meters and low floor. Golden Dragon, represented by Astana Motors, showed a fully electric bus with an output of 375KWh and capacity for 90 passengers. A big great surprise was at the Ankai booth with the presentation of their sixth generation electric bus characterized by the low weight of its batterypack and lower charging time. Also they showed a midibus with similar characteristics.

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