11 Jul 2019


The Van Hool Group achieved a turnover of 33 million euros in 2018 compared to a year earlier. An increase of 6.4% to 558 million euros. However, it saw the profit at the bus division turn out lower to 15 million euros. For the entire group including the Industrial Vehicles, the profit amounted to 17.4 million euros (+ 9.9%).

Van Hool moved part of the production in 2013 to a new factory in Macedonia, where it started with the production of the CX coaches for the American market. The US market also has a disadvantage and that is the currency impact on the figures, which reduced the operating result from 18.2 to 14.9 million euros, but the consolidated net result for the group increased from 15.8 to 17.4 million euros. Van Hool is now also building the EX series for the European market in Macedonia. The Belgian site in Koningshooikt has since focused on buses, the Exqui.City, and coaches, TX series, with high added value.

The total number of buses and coaches sold rose from 1135 to 1164 vehicles, 725 of which were produced in Macedonia. 49 were Exqui.City's with hybrid drive of which Van Hool expects an increase to almost 200 vehicles for 2019.

Van Hool reports that 2018 was characterized by an increase in personnel costs in Belgium and Macedonia. In Belgium, this mainly concerned an expansion in the Engineering and after sales departments, as well as the hiring of new staff for the Industrial Vehicles department. In Macedonia, this involved the recruitment of additional staff as a result of capacity expansion. On the one hand there were higher investments in engineering and development of alternative drives and expenditures for the start-up of the new American factory were Van Hool wants to produce city buses, on the other hand there was a positive impact due to higher returns in the production and sale of the former EOS Coach site.

Turnover at the Industrial Vehicles business group rose to more than 125 million euros, mainly due to the fact that 343 trailers were delivered more than in 2017. Van Hool has more than 4,700 employees worldwide.

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