08 Jul 2019


This month a new coach concept started in Germany. It is called Pinkbus and the idea behind is to connect major cities directly from A to B without, as the Pinkbus management says, time-consuming intermediate stops. Pinkbus' mission is: 'To revolutionize the personal transport by bus and make it attractive for everyone'.

From the first of July Pinkbus connects without annoying intermediate stops the Cities Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich at a fixed price of €25 each way and independently from the time of booking. Included in the price are other services like the online seat reservation, luggage (up to two pieces of luggage plus carry-on luggage), one free rebooking, a stable WiFi and additional legroom, USB ports and sockets on each seat. In addition, sustainable driving is rewarded, because every tenth drive is free. "Already today we have a fleet that is up to date the most sustainable in the German market, and we are already working on further offers with which We will help to shape the future of mobility", says Tino Engelmann, Managing Director of Pinkbus. The company says it has sustainability and security in focus and as a result it uses the Neoplan Skyliner for their bus service. Although the fleet is not owned by Pinkbus but will be operated by partner companies that provide the buses and act at the same time as shareholders in the Pinkbus GmbH. At the market launch, the cities of Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich are initially represented on the network. Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart will be added in the next step. The comwww.pinkbus.depany is based in Cologne. Pinkbus want to connect the largest German cities. Budget travellers and students are targetted. Tickets as well as further information about the company are available at www.pinkbus.de.

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