07 Jul 2019


Recently TÜV Nord presented her 'TÜV Nord Bus Inspection'. A new service from TÜV Nord that came on the market at the end of 2018 and has since been tested by various manufacturers and buyers in 'real life' conditions. It is a new quality / inspection procedure that TÜV Nord has developed and works completely independently of the manufacturer. With this, TÜV Nord strives for maximum transparency. Customers can follow the inspections carried out by TÜV on-line in real time.

TÜV Nord is quite enthusiastic about its own product and Andreas Köhl, key account manager of TÜV Nord Mobility, states that such a detailed quality inspection for bus production has never been available before. With the system, TÜV Nord can monitor the entire production process on all critical points so that its customers get an even better quality scan. The measuring points are both in the production process and just before delivery. This concerns, for example, defects in anti-rust treatments, cable harnesses, rivets, welding, bolts and safety according to VDV standards. But deviations from specifications can also be detected. And not only on-line, because the inspectors from TÜV Nord are present in the factory. An important part is fire prevention in both the manufacturing process and product. Nowadays it is mainly about testing requirements for the prevention of buses, coaches and batteries of electric vehicles. However, it is mainly the vehicle manufacturers who draw up the guidelines. With electric mobility coming up, fire prevention will play an increasingly important role. By collaborating with the IFM company, which has test facilities (DMT Fire Protection Testing Laboratory), more projects can be jointly monitored.

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