04 Jul 2019


Ballard Power Systems presented the company’s 8th generation high performance fuel cell module, the FCmove-HD. The new fuel cell should deliver a reduction in lifecycle cost and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of transit bus operators.

The FCmove-HD fuel cell module is the first in the Ballard family of FCmove products to be introduced. It will be used in 1,000 fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) to be deployed in Europe by the new H2Bus Consortium. The FCmove-HD is also used in the brand new Solaris Urbino Hydrogen which was revealed at the UITP Summit in Stockholm together with this new fuel cell from Ballard. The Canadian company has developed this new fuel cell with various power outputs to suit a broad range of commercial vehicles including trucks, coaches and trains.

According to Randy MacEwen, Ballard President and CEO, the FCmove-HD will offer a 35% reduction in lifecycle cost. "We see growing global interest in the compelling value proposition uniquely offered by fuel cell electric vehicles in medium and heavy duty transportation applications.”

Besides the reduced lifecycle cost Ballard also emphasizes that this new generation is a completely integrated system designed with a new generation of more robust balance-of-plant components to improve reliability. The operating lifetime should be greater than 30,000 hours. Also a simplified System Integration is responsible for 40% less volume and 35% reduction in weight.

The FCmove is tolerant to a wider range of operating conditions, including freeze start to -25⁰C without external energy. Due to a higher operating temperature a smaller cooling package is needed improving overall the vehicle efficiency.

The new H2Bus Consortium is a cooperation between Ballard Power Systems, Everfuel, Wrightbus, Hexagon Composites, Nel Hydrogen en Ryse Hydrogen. Its aim is to develope a 'cheap' hydrogen bus with a price of not more then €375.000. The consortium is backed by European funding of €40 million for the first 600 hydrogen buses.

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