30 Jun 2019


Rotterdam based public transport company, RET, is looking for an energy supplier that can build up electric capacity of 120 million kWh per year of green energy. That is the equivalent of the consumption of 40,000 households. In addition, the RET asks the supplier to install solar panels on various RET buildings. The RET is launching a tender for this Monday 1 July. The intended new ten year contract covers all electricity that the company uses for its metro, tram and bus operation.

Because the solar and or wind farms still have to be built, it will take until January 1, 2024 until the RET draws all the electricity from it. In the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023, the transport company purchases sustainable electricity that is 100% sourced from existing wind or Dutch biomass, with the exception of co-firing in coal-fired power stations. According to Maurice Unck, general manager of the RET it is the next step in making the RET more sustainable. “We already have green electricity, but with the new contract the production of solar and or wind energy in the Netherlands is increasing. In this way, as a transporter we contribute to the energy transition that we stand for."

RET is transforming its bus fleet from to diesel to emission-free. In line with the agreements between the national government and the transport regions, the company will only operate zero emission buses in 2030. In December 2019 the first zero-emission buses will hit the road in Rotterdam, accompanied by 103 hybrids. In 2021 another 50 zero-emission buses will be added, in 2024 another 50 and in 2029 the last 110. RET already installed solar panels in 2018 at three of its metro stations.

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