27 Jun 2019


We bumped into them at Busworld India and they were now very present at Busworld Central Asia: Belkommunmash, a Belarusian tram, trolley and e-bus manufacturer. But what really caught our attention was the electrical system that Belkommunmash uses: supercaps with which the buses would have a range of at least thirty kilometers.

That is not all, because charging should ideally be done through small self-sufficient power plants that run on wind and solar energy. How environmentally friendly do you want it? In India it cooperates with energy supplier Axis, which is mainly active in solar and wind energy. It is Axis' intention that they supply small-scale energy systems to villages and towns, whereby supercaps will again be used to store electricity temporarily. Ambitious plans that will probably take some implementation time. As in Bengaluru, Belkommunmash presented itself in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where Busworld Central is held. The portfolio consists of a new twelve-meter electric bus, the Е321, which can reach 40 kilometers on one load of the supercap, an articulated eighteen-meter tram bus, the Е420 and E433, trolley buses and trams. Work is being done on the development of a double articulated 24 meter version of the E433.

Suppliers are energy supplier Axis and supercap manufacturer Aowei Shanghai Technology. In a nice little setup, Axis showed how things could go: start your own power station with wind turbines and solar panels in order to generate the electricity needed for the charging stations for buses. And with supercaps you can also store electricity and the buses have a considerable operating radius.

The Belarusian Belkommunmash is founded in 1973 and has mainly built trams and trolley buses. The first trolleybus left the factory in 1991. This has changed since 2016 with the electric buses. 300 vehicles leave the factory every year, including trams. Sixty electric buses will be delivered this year to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, with an option for more, and three in Lodz, Poland. Of the 60 for Minsk are 28 buses of the type E433 Vitovt Max Electro and 32 units of the twelve-meter Е321. All of course equipped with supercaps, which are fully loaded in five to six minutes.

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