26 Jun 2019


At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019 held in Stockholm, Solaris presented its world premiere of the Urbino 12 Hydrogen. Was Solaris before a little bit secretive about the new driveline, now the have revealed a little bit about the technical aspects.

The electric Urbino 12 hydrogen is fitted with a fuel cell of 60 kW fuel cell that will ive the bus a range of up to 350 km on a single refill. The hydrogen system contains also auxiliary devices, responsible for instance for the supply of gas and oxygen at an adequate pressure, for the recirculation of the resource that has not been used up, and also for maintaining a proper and stable temperature of the fuel cells during operation.

The novelty of the Solaris Hydrogen bus is that it also will be fitted with a small Solaris High Power traction battery which is to support the fuel cell whenever the demand for energy is high. The battery is filled with energy derived from hydrogen and through the regenerative braking, though it is also possible to recharge it by means of a plug-in socket. The driveline is an axle with two integrated electric motors.

The hydrogen compressed in gaseous form at a pressure of 350 atmospheres into 5 new-generation type-4 hydrogen tanks placed alongside the bus roof. The composite tanks are placed longitudinally above the first axle of the vehicle and have storage capacity of 36.8 kg. A multifunctional valve is installed at the end of each tank; this valve includes a range of safety elements: a solenoid valve, an emergency valve activated by high temperature and an overload valve cutting off the flow of hydrogen in case of loss of containment of the system.

In order to reduce energy use to a maximum, the vehicle will feature a climate comfort system with a CO₂ heat pump that allows to use waste heat from the fuel cell. This solution guarantees very high efficiency and allows to increase the drive range of the vehicle even more. Solaris already received an order from the Italian city of Bolzano for twelve of them.

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