25 Jun 2019


Hydrogen is becoming a big topic in passenger transport. In the Dutch city The Hague transport company Noot Personenvervoer has inaugurated a fleet of 35 Toyota hydrogen taxi's. It is the first hydrogen taxifleet in the Netherlands.

The 35 Toyota Mirai will be active in the market for subsidized transport for which Noot Personenvervoer last year won a tender. Per year 15.000 people depend on this type of transport. For the city The Hague it was important to have CO2-neutral transportation. Also the coming year the public transport bus fleet will be converted into electric buses. For Noot Personenvervoer the choice for hydrogen taxi's was because of the better range hydrogen has to offer over electric. Also because one condition is that they have to be ready 24/7. Although The Hague does not have a hydrogen fuelling station yet. Within this year the first fuelling station will be build. The Hague is not the first city with a large fleet of hydrogen taxi's, Paris already has around 100 of them running.

The Toyota Mirai has a by Toyota developed Fuel Cell Stack, a 113 kW/155 pk strong electric engine and two light strong tanks to store the hydrogen. It offers the Toyota Mirai the same range as a petrol car, according to Toyota.

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