21 Jun 2019


In all the electric news the hybrid system might be a bit underestimated. MAN proudly announces therefore that since 2010 it has sold over 800 of their MAN Lion's City Hybrid. Only between January 2018 and April 2019 it already sold nearly 200 buses of the hybrid model. Not only that, MAN has also high hopes of its new Lion's City Efficient Hybrid, also known as mild hybrid.

On 25 May 2010, the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft transport company put the first MAN hybrid bus into service. Nine years later, MAN has sold about 800 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid buses to customers in ten different countries.

The new MAN Lion’s City EfficientHybrid works with the new D15 diesel engine as well as the CNG version with the completely redeveloped E18 engine series. The series standard stop-start function ensures quiet and emissions-free stop phases in urban traffic. It is said that the MAN EfficientHybrid and its energy storage device are designed for up to 2.6 million stop-start cycles.

The core of the system is the crankshaft/starter motor/alternator, an electrical machine which transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy when the vehicle is braking, and also supports the internal combustion engine when it comes to starting torque. In doing so, the recovered energy is saved in an ultracap storage system on the vehicle roof. An intelligent energy management system controls the operation of the diesel engine and automatic start-stop system, checks the charge level of the ultracaps and regulates the drive of the auxiliary units.

To underline its succes MAN recently announced several orders for EfficientHybrid buses, like from the Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona that recently ordered 30 Lion’s City buses with MAN EfficientHybrid. Linz Linien GmbH has ordered 88 of them for the third-largest city in Austria and LVL Jäger GmbH in Stuttgart ordered 50 of the MAN Lions City EfficientHybrid.

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