13 Jun 2019


On the World Telecommunication Day, May 17, the Henan provincial government (China) launched a 5G+ demonstration project in which Chinese bus manufacturer Yutong participated with the 5G Intelligent Public Transport project. On the public road of the Intelligent Island, the Yutong L4 autonomous bus completed a trial period, without steering wheel and console screen. Yutong says this autonomous bus is a key step on the road to true autonomous driving.

The trial operation route in the Intelligent Island is 1.53 kilometers long. Four Yutong autonomous driving buses named Xiaoyu have been put into operation. The shape of the Xiaoyu autonomous driving bus has a far different appearance from a conventional bus. The Xiaoyu has only seats inside, no cockpit or steering wheel. Xiaoyu can recognize traffic lights, pedestrians and obstacles, and identify emergency vehicles to avoid them actively.

In order to truly achieve the operation of autonomous buses, Yutong has built a set of 5G intelligent public transportation system solutions based on the L4 autonomous driving bus. It realized the integration of “vehicle–road–network-cloud-regulation”, and constructed a new generation of intelligent networked transportation system with comprehensive collaboration.

Yutong says it has achieved the transformation from “single vehicle intelligence” to “cluster intelligence”. The 5G Intelligent Public Transport of Intelligent Island project is located in the Longzi Lake area at the city Zhengzhou, Henan, and covers an area of about three square kilometers. This is marked as a “big data industry highland” integrating technology research and development area for innovation, entrepreneurship, talents convergence, financial services, etc.

The project is initially planned for three phases. The first phase is to conduct demonstration run of Yutong L4 autonomous driving bus on the 1.53-km route in inner ring of the island; the second phase is to deploy shuttling route between the inner ring and outer ring of the island; the third phase is to operate L3 large-sized city buses on the outer ring of the island.

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