24 May 2019


Monthly the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), reports about the registrations in Europe of commercial vehicles. Over the last month overall registrations went up with 7,8% and in the first four months of 2019 with 5.8%. This involves all commercial vehicles including vans, trucks and buses, although the segment buses and coaches noted a decline in registration.

Is the number of registrations for commercial vehicles in Europe on the rise, for buses and coaches it is a different matter. Over the first four months of 2019, demand for new buses and coaches showed a slight decrease (‐0.9%) in comparison with the first four months of 2018. It could have been worse if not the Central European markets showed a provided solid support to the bus segment with a plus off 23%. It could have been much worse because according to the ACEA three of the five largest EU markets posted negative results so far this year. With the exception of Spain (+23.6%), all major markets posted declines. Last month saw double‐digit drops in the UK (‐28.4%), Germany (‐24.1%) and France (‐16.7%). Compared to one month before April showed a decline in bus and coach registrations in Europe by 4.4%.

The ACEA statistics show some exceptional numbers like an increase in registration in Romania with 283.1% (1088 registration in April 2019 to 284 in April 2018). The biggest decrease was in Estonia with 54.3% (21 registration in April 2019 to 46 in April 2018). In April 2019, the EU market for commercial vehicles expanded for the fourth month in a row, boosted by gains in both the van and truck segments. 215,497 units were registered across the region, up 7.8% compared to one year ago. The EU’s five largest markets all saw strong gains, with France (+12.7%), Italy (+11.6%) and Germany (+10.1%) posting double‐digit growth. From January to April 2019, commercial vehicle registrations grew by 5.8%, counting 871,100 new vehicles in the European Union. Germany drove the growth with a 12.1% increase, followed by the United Kingdom (+8.3%), France (+6.5%), Spain (+3.8%) and Italy (+3.4%).

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